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How YeahMobi's Mobile Native Ads Platform helped more than double Emoji Keyboard's revenue

More revenue, better product

How YeahMobi's Mobile Native Ads Platform helped more than double Emoji Keyboard's revenue

YeahMobi has seen excellent results in helping Chinese app developers monetize input apps globally.

The input method app Emoji Keyboard, from China-based app developers Crazystudio, saw more-than-double growth figures in revenue after it integrated with YeahMobi's Mobile Native Ads Platform.

High ad revenues were achieved alongside improved advertising metrics.

Native ads saw strong ROI for advertising businesses, with an average conversion rate of 10%, more than 2,000 app installs for advertised apps per day.

YeahMobi worked with Emoji Keyboard developer Crazystudio

YeahMobi is focused on both helping app developers and e-business expand by acquiring quality users for their own apps, while at the same time helping publishers increase revenue by utilizing the latest ad display monetization solutions.

Optimized experience

As a China-based company itself, YeahMobi is the top exporter and monetizer of Chinese apps to the overseas market.

What makes this monetization case unique is the specialization of monetizing a highly perfunctory tool app, an Android input app.

Advertising input apps can be difficult due to the risk of damaging user experience and harming retention, but YeahMobi's cooperation with Crazystudio has led to an optimized experience.

Hou Huihua, lead developer of Emoji Keyboard, stated that "With YeahMobi's cooperation, we haven't only raised our revenues but we've also been able to better focus on our product, and ultimately our users."

Native advertising in Emoji Keyboard is small but effective

Emoji Keyboard started off monetizing with a paid version of the app to fulfill its monetization needs.

Going native

Even though Tier 1 and European users are relatively willing to pay for apps, and embrace payments with a much more friendly and open attitude than in China's users, the paid-for version didn't bring in enough revenue to really help the business take off.

How are native ads allowing a wider variety of developers to achieve better success in monetization?

The reason for Emoji Keyboard's sharp increase in revenue growth figures after integration with YeahMobi Native Ads can be summed up in four key points:

  • More display options. Native ads offer control over a myriad of ad display formats, and can be placed anywhere in an app, making it possible to increase the amount of ad display units within an app.
  • High fill Rates. Creating more varied ad display units in an app means you need the resources to fill them. YeahMobi's ad resource are vast and offer a guarantee placements.
  • Higher click-through rates (CTR). Native ads' CTR are hugely improved on traditional banners (15% - 20% compared to 0.8% - 1.2% respectively). There is a direct relationship between the inventive and unique implementation of native ads and the power to drive high CTR.
  • Excellent conversion rates (CR). The key influencing factor behind CR is the precision of ad fills, and that requires strong data management and optimization.

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