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If you want the lowdown on the Chinese mobile game industry, this is the whitepaper for you

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If you want the lowdown on the Chinese mobile game industry, this is the whitepaper for you

According to testing house TestBird, 2015 is the 'Adjustment Year' for the Chinese mobile game industry.

The reason is that past years' explosive, triple-digit growth is starting to drop off as the market saturates, forcing developers to focus more on comparative competitiveness, in terms of providing a higher quality of product and service.

That's where TestBird can help out, both in terms of testing games for developers, but also highlighting deeper market trends for the rest of us.

And that's certainly something it's providing with its China's Mobile Game Compatibility Test White Paper for the First Half of 2015 whitepaper.

All the data

At 68 pages-long, it goes into a lot of detail about the breakdown of the industry in terms hardware and software.

TestBird has tested over 2,100 different devices and 13,000 games, breaking down everything from genres, to file size, engine use and CPU etc and how they relate to bugs and crashes.

We can't cover all that; so just to break out a couple of graphs...

The first demonstrates how Chinese mobile games still have to deal with widespread data restrictions, with two-thirds of tested games being under 100MB in size.

The second shows the breakdown of game engines used, which shows Cocos2d-x still as the market leader, but demonstrates how far Unity has penetrated the market.

You can download the entire whitepaper here.

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