Chorus to release The Secret of Raven Rock in Japan

Regional specialist building porfolio

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 30th, 2014 partnership Chorus Worldwide
Raven Rock Games
Not disclosed
Chorus to release The Secret of Raven Rock in Japan

Indie publishing specialist Chorus has announced its third deal.

Raven Rock Games will join Alex Trowers and Beatrap Games in working with the startup to release a game - the forthcoming The Secret of Raven Rock  - into the lucrative and competitive Japanese mobile market.

Eastern promise

The debut release from Mark Foster, a 20-year UK veteran of the games industry who's worked at Bullfrog, Lionhead and Zynga, The Secret of Raven Rock  is an adventure title which combines the puzzle elements of The Room  within a mysterious deserted village.

Chorus' CEO Shintaro Kanaoya recently told about his plans to release what he called 'interesting indie games from the west' into the Japanese market.

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