Nexon set to develop Asia-first LEGO game for iOS and Android

LEGO's first foray into free-to-play on mobile

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January 16th, 2015 partnership Nexon
TT Games
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Nexon set to develop Asia-first LEGO game for iOS and Android

Nexon Korea, the subsidiary of Japanese-based F2P giant Nexon, has entered into a licensing agreement with TT Games to make a F2P mobile RPG using LEGO IP. 

TT Games, an affiliate of Warner Bros, is the company which has all the rights to LEGO video games. 

However, the firm has more experience with console than mobile, and LEGO games on iOS and Android have historically been 3DS conversions.

Therefore, it's understandable that Nexon, with its free-to-play pedigree, has been entrusted with the franchise on mobile.

“Nexon’s relentless commitment to quality and fun, their expansive global footprint and their strong track record of developing and sustaining successful franchises around the world make them an ideal partner to expand LEGO into online free-to-play mobile games for the first time,” said TT Games MD Tom Stone.

Slotting together

Working with such an iconic brand is a positive prospect for Nexon, too:

“LEGO is among the most wildly successful and iconic brands of our time, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with TT Games to bring LEGO-based online games to mobile gamers,” said Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney.

"This agreement is the most recent example of Nexon’s ongoing quest for creative, new ideas for great games, both through our own development and by partnering with other creators of world-class IP.”

Nexon's LEGO game is due to be released in 2016 for iOS and Android, and will launch in Asian territories first


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