Latest Deals

Date Type Companies involved Size
Jun 29th, 2020 partnership SNK Playmore
Not disclosed
Tencent Games teams up with SNK for a Metal Slug mobile title
Jun 25th, 2020 partnership Amazon
Pearl Abyss
Not disclosed
Pearl Abyss renews its partnership with Amazon for free Black Desert Mobile content
Jun 24th, 2020 partnership Tencent
The Pokemon Company
Not disclosed
Tencent and The Pokémon Company debut Pokémon Unite
Jun 15th, 2020 partnership NetEase
Warner Bros.
Not disclosed
NetEase teams up with Warner Bros for The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War
May 26th, 2020 investment Marvelous Europe
Tencent acquires 20% stake in Japanese games firm Marvelous
May 21st, 2020 investment Small Giant Games
Not disclosed
MyGamez partners with Small Giant Games on Empires & Puzzles' Chinese Android launch
Apr 27th, 2020 acquisition Tencent
Not disclosed
Tencent acquires majority share of Huya
Apr 15th, 2020 partnership Supersonic Studios
ITI (MarkApp)
Not disclosed
Supersonic Studios partners with ITI to help publish Japanese games internationally
Apr 14th, 2020 investment Sony
Sony invests $400 million in streaming platform Bilibili
Mar 30th, 2020 acquisition Colopl $14.9m
Colopl acquires Steins;Gate creator Mages for $14.9 million
Mar 27th, 2020 partnership Huawei
Not disclosed
Tencent and Huawei partner for cloud games platform
Mar 10th, 2020 partnership Nintendo
Not disclosed
Update: LEGO reveals new Super Mario playset with interactive Mario toy
Feb 6th, 2020 partnership Tencent
KFC Gaming
Not disclosed
Update: Tencent's Arena of Valor lets players unlock KFC's Colonel Sanders via meal loot drop in Taiwan
Mar 2nd, 2020 partnership Curve Digital Not disclosed
Curve Digital partners with H2 Interactive to bring some of its Switch games to Asia
Mar 2nd, 2020 partnership Netmarble
Marvel Entertainment
Not disclosed
Netmarble teams up with Marvel for Marvel Future Revolution
Feb 25th, 2020 investment Sega Not disclosed
Sega invests in Indian music startup Flutin
Feb 25th, 2020 partnership Sony Pictures Entertainment
Not disclosed
Sony Pictures teams with Smilegate for Crossfire film adaption
Feb 14th, 2020 investment Tamatem Games $3.5m
Middle Eastern games publishing platform Tamatem locks $3.5 million in funding
Feb 7th, 2020 partnership Huawei
Not disclosed
Chinese mobile companies partner up to take on Google Play
Jan 31st, 2020 partnership Electronic Arts
Respawn Entertainment
Not disclosed
EA confirms partnership for Apex Legends on mobile
Jan 29th, 2020 acquisition Garena
Phoenix Labs
Not disclosed
Free Fire studio Garena acquires Phoenix Labs for an estimated $150 million
Jan 28th, 2020 partnership Square Enix Not disclosed
Square Enix and Suntory partner for Dragon Quest Walk missions via Japanese vending machines
Jan 16th, 2020 partnership Super League Gaming
Wanda Media
Not disclosed
Super League Gaming partners with Wanda Cinemas Games to expand esports further in China
Jan 14th, 2020 partnership Sony
Kadokawa Corporation
Not disclosed
Sony's mobile studio ForwardWorks partners with Kadokawa Games for new smartphone title
Jan 10th, 2020 investment NPIXEL $25.9m
South Korean dev Npixel raises $25.9 million in series A funding
Jan 8th, 2020 partnership Square Enix
JSC Games
GAEA Mobile
Not disclosed
Square Enix partners with JSC and Gaea for Final Fantasy XV on mobile
Jan 7th, 2020 investment PlatinumGames Inc.
Not disclosed
Tencent invests undisclosed sum in Bayonetta developer PlatinumGames
Jan 2nd, 2020 acquisition Nexon $0m
Nexon sells off mobile developer Gloops for one Japanese yen
Dec 16th, 2019 acquisition Animoca Brands
Animoca Brands snap ups Power Rangers: Legacy Wars developer nWay for $7.69 million
Nov 29th, 2019 partnership Tencent Not disclosed
Tencent partners Chinese live streaming platform
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