Time is money: How speedy web performance separates profits from losses

NDP Media offers up solutions

Time is money: How speedy web performance separates profits from losses

Universally, users are highly sensitive to website loading speeds. Even a 500ms loading delay can cost websites and companies a 20 percent traffic loss.

Speed can be an even bigger problem for mobile internet advertisers, but NDP media has been investigating and coming up with solutions.

Invisible losses

In mobile performance marketing only between 50 percent-80 percent of traffic purchased from a publisher reaches targeted advertising pages.

This equates to advertisers wasting on average 35 percent of their spending on ad traffic. NDP Media has been investigating the who, what, where and when of these losses, and lays the blame on ad loading times.

Sluggish loading

Mobile ads suffer from sluggish loading time which is devastating to advertisers and developers. Loading seemingly simple ads actually goes through difficult pathways and can be a complicated and lengthy process.

Clicking an ad sends users through data platforms, advertising groups, ad channels and app tracking technologies which all perform detailed analysis. This process generally takes at least 2 seconds, which might seem fast but can be a real drag for someone clicking on a fun ad.

Global marketing also presents speed issues. Newly networked countries and regions often have imperfect network infrastructure. Mobile internet is rapidly developing global phenomenon. There is a gargantuan boom in networks across Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Great news for app developers looking to expand, but the boom is problematic. Data centres located in European and American countries are less friendly to user visits from these expanding networks due to network instability and restrictions.

There is a gargantuan boom in networks across Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

All of these problems cause financial losses for both publishers and advertisers. Sluggish mobile ads are so detrimental because users' have less patience on blank loading pages on relatively small mobile screens. This causes 20 percent - 40 percent advertising traffic loss - according to NDP Media's years of test data.

NDP Media's solutions

NDP Media provides an ad platform which effectively helps advertisers dodge 20 percent of traffic loss. They have developed a unique monitoring and control system on network delays based on underlying network protocols.

The system enables platform operation and maintenance teams to know exactly the network distance and delay when a platform visit occurs. With this knowledge advertisers can adjust marketing campaigns and optimize ad placement thus minimizing losses.

NDP Media uses the latest real-time technology. They can monitor mobile network delays based on analysis of statistics collected from over 50 million ad clicks each day.

Not only is the tracking tech fast, it's also massive. Unlike many data analysis systems, NDP Media's can perfectly match speed with size. It uses a full-distribution mode of advertising based on big data analysis and mining, so advertisers can get the best data available.

The technology is made possible by deploying 10 fast nodes in 10 critical regions worldwide, as well as smart DNS orientation, and flexible resources optimisation.

NDP Media's advancements offer a reduction in the delay of ad clicks to 100ms. This can have a huge impact for advertisers trying to maximise their revenue, and keeps the mobile marketing platform running business at its optimum.


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