FunPlus CEO on building global success from Beijing

Chinese company makes a reverse play

FunPlus CEO on building global success from Beijing

Thanks the success of the Family Farm  series on Facebook, FunPlus has built a strong reputation for its casual games.

As founder and CEO Andy Zhong explained at the GMIC Beijing 2014 conference, that's not something many Chinese companies have managed to accomplish.

Indeed, the focus of the four year-old outfit is international; it doesn't yet release its games in China.

Outward looking

He says one reason for the 6 million daily players in Europe, the US, Turkey and the Middle East that FunPlus' games attract is the cosmopolitan nature of its 280 staff, 250 of which are based in Beijing.

"Around 40 percent of them are from the US or Europe. I think that's the highest proportion for a Chinese company," he comments.

The company also has a 30-strong production office in Vancouver, Canada.

In terms of future plans, FunPlus recently raised $74 million of investment - Zhong says he could have raised more if he wanted - and is expanding quickly into mobile games.

At present it only has a couple of titles, notably Barn Voyage and Family Farm Seaside available, but is looking to release more titles in the simulation and puzzle genres, as well as considering partnerships in more core genres with what Zhong calls other 'global and talented games companies'.

Then, in 2015, it expects to move back into the dynamic Chinese market.

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