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Youzu appoints former Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei as its 'one-man think tank'

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Youzu appoints former Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei as its 'one-man think tank'

Ambitious Chinese PC and mobile publisher Youzu (SHE:002174) has appointed former Sony President and CEO Nobuyuki Idei as a consultant.

Labelling him a "one-man think tank", Youzu hope Idei will help its roll out its global development strategy.

Idei has worked with Chinese companies before including Baidu and Lenovo, and said he was bullish about the Chinese market and capacity that Chinese firms have for innovation and development.

However, he warned that while many Chinese entrepreneurs have a large amount to invest, they lack ideas for development.

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As for Youzu, which is best known for its League of Angels game, it's certainly been aggressively expanding.

Youzu Interactive CEO Lin Qi and Nobuyuki Idei

On the back of its 2014 stock market floatation, it's opened offices in offices in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia as well as exploring markets ranging from film and animation to general entertainment.

It also recently agreed a joint business plan with Google over marketing and data mining, and acquired mobile platform, which is installed on over 2 billion devices globally.

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