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Lead AI Designer

Designer - Game Design - Kyiv , Ukraine

Job Title Lead AI Designer
Job Description


We are looking for an experienced AI Designer to lead the AI Design Department in its effort to expand and improve on our Human and Monster AI systems.

Work closely with the Creative Director, Producers, Lead AI Programmer, Lead Designers, Lead Technical Designer and Technical Director as well as Lead Animators and Art Director to ensure the project vision and target gameplay experience is shared.

Take ownership and supervision of seeing through both Human and Monster AI systems through all stages of their development within the project scope.

Prototype and iterate on AI system improvements.

Create and integrate AI mechanics alongside fellow members of the AI Design department.

Integrate new AI mechanics into existing schemes while retaining full functionality.

Provide day-to-day mentorship and on-site feedback to fellow AI design team members whenever necessary.

Participate in the interviewing and hiring process when staffing plans of the AI design department need addressing.


Implement AI mechanics/features directly in-engine using existing visual scripting tools.

Create design and technical documentation on AI and gameplay mechanics.

Use in-house technology (4A Games Engine) for game creation.

Participate in testing efforts to provide feedback on new gameplay mechanics as well as game content in general.

Participate in toolkit improvement process while working on the game.

Directly Manage, groom, coach, and teach other designers.


Work experience in game companies in the game design or AI design department (at least 7 years of experience and at least one shipped AAA title on consoles).

Good command of one or more existing game engines – UE4, Unity, CryEngine, etc.

Expert understanding and experience with the modern AI techniques used in AAA games (Behavior Trees, Finite State Machines etc.)

Ability to quickly and sufficiently document and communicate an idea in writing or speech.

Ability to translate an idea of intelligent behavior from concept to the actual AI game mechanics and then to carry it out as functional game content.

Self-criticism and ability to accept criticism from other people. Being open minded towards colleagues’ ideas.

Fluency in Russian or Ukrainian is a MUST.

Good English.

Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Ability to learn and master new tools and software.

Ability to multi-task and efficiently prioritize assignments.

Experience in leading/managing teams is a big plus.

Passion for FPS and stealth-oriented videogames.

At least 15 years experience with gaming (playing)

comprehensive benefits package available


Sector Game Design
Category Designer
Salary Negotiable
Date Posted 18 January 2021
Recruiter 4A Games
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