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Knowledge Base: CFO Insights

Knowledge Base: CFO Insights

Topic Area: Business

Level: Introductory, Intermediate

Having been a trusted financing parter to mobile game developers since 2014, Pollen VC came to recognise that all too often, the finances in mobile gaming companies are overlooked until a much later stage in their lifecycle when a finance lead or CFO is hired.

Our intention was to create a set of tools and resources that was accessible to everyone that would help them in two key areas - user acquisition modelling, and comparing different financing methods.

We want to help identify if developers are leaving money on the table by not properly understanding their UA metrics. Also when it comes to comparing different financial products, to ensure that they can make a like with like comparison.

The way pricing is quoted by some lenders is designed to hide the true cost of funding. We help developers arrive at the right conclusion by ensuring they are armed with all the facts first.

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