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Knowledge Base: How to get a job in games

Knowledge Base: How to get a job in games

Topic Area: Business

Level: Introductory

So you want a job in games

The games industry is one of the most exciting and creates places to be. But as anyone in the industry will attest, it’s not about playing games all day – it’s serious business.

In the mobile games sector, there are a plethora of different roles available to people interested in joining the industry. From QA, art and programming to marketing, HR and writing. It’s a sector bustling with activity and, particularly large studios, demands a wide spread of talent.

Who this course is for

This is course is for aspiring games industry professionals young and old looking to get a job in games.

This course will cover career paths, what kind of courses you might want to study, CV tips, interview advice and ultimately, how to bag that job and then how to stay there.

Check out the Course Content tab above for the full course. We'll be updating this throughout the week as more parts of the course are made live, so be sure to check back for more information!

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As well as what we’ve included in our course, there are a wealth of guides, interviews and videos dedicated to the topic of how to get a job in games. We’ve selected a few of the best ones for you to learn from below. Enjoy!

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6 things you should do to get a job in games

Cupcake Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Gabriel Stürmer offers some simple advice about the job-seeking and application process when trying to get a job in games.

Getting into games through the back door

Rovio London Head of Studio Mark Sorrell discusses why it’s never too late to enter the industry and how experience outside of the sector can be just as valuable as experience within it.

Check out who’s been hiring in recent times and what the world’s top mobile studios look for in our regular series of HR interviews.

Looking for tips for how to get a job in a specific role like Graphics Programmer, Product Marketing Manager, User Acquisition Manager or number of other roles? Check out our series of Jobs in Games articles where we ask professionals how they kick-started their careers.

Inside the Game: How to get a game writing job

Pixelberry Studios Story Writer Luke Georgette explains how he got started in video game writing, and the lengths he was willing to take to get in.

Get a job in the games industry - Video series

Career Coach Rick Davidson, whose credits include Next Level Games and PopCap, has recorded a series of videos about how to get a job in the games industry, touching on topics such as creating your personal brand, making the most of LinkedIn, joining from another industry and many other tips and techniques.

So you want to get into the games industry?

Little Wolf Studio's Lilly Devon discusses how to approach potential employers and what common pitfalls to avoid.

How to get into the games industry – an insiders' guide

The Guardian gathers a panel of 15 developers to discuss how to make a start in games, the challenges of forming your own studio and the best books to read, talks and YouTube videos to watch and games to play to expand your knowledge of the industry and how it works.

How to Get a Job in Video Games - Gaming Jobs - Tips from the Game Industry

Outside Xbox asks a series of games industry professionals for their advice on getting a job in games.

Behind Falskaar, a massive new Skyrim mod, and the 19-year-old who spent a year building it

We’re not suggesting everyone invests their time heavily in such an expansive mod on an existing game, but this interview by PC Gamer with a young developer who spent 2,000 hours creating a Skyrim mod may provide the creative spark for an idea that could help you stand out from the crowd when applying for your next job. Working on your own projects is often cited as a key piece of advice for those looking to break into the games industry.

Velicky eventually bagged a job at Bungie.

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