GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons hits 15 million users in Japan

Still adding 1 million new users every few weeks

GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons hits 15 million users in Japan
Given GungHo's extraordinary market cap depends on the continued success of just one game – Puzzle & Dragons – news that it continues to amass new players at an astounding rate will calm fears that this is a bubble getting set to burst.
Puzzle & Dragons can now boast 15 million players across iOS, Android and Kindle across Japan, with the latest stats – covering its performance up until 8 June – revealing the game is adding 1 million to its total every 21 days.

Looking ahead

That's roughly the same rate it enjoyed back in April, when the game passed 12 million Japanese players and, in the weeks that followed, saw its market cap surpass the likes of Nintendo.

According to Tokyo-based mobile gaming consultant Dr. Serkan Toto, however, developer GungHo's current focus on the Japanese market may be set to change.

"Puzzle & Dragons is still only available over here, in the US, and in South Korea," detailed Toto.

"GungHo has been announcing this will change for a long time but has so far been focusing on the Japanese market - the Supercell collaboration might really kick-start a wider marketing effort in foreign markets, however."

According to our calculations, GungHo's market cap currently still sits at around $15 billion on the Osaka Stock Exchange's JASDAQ, now just behind Nintendo on $15.6 billion.

[source: Serkan Toto]

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