Going global: Yodo1 expands its publishing operations beyond China

First release is BonusXP's Cavemania

Going global: Yodo1 expands its publishing operations beyond China
Yodo1 has built its reputation by guiding western developers such as ZeptoLab and Get Set Games through the complexities of the Chinese mobile games market.

That expertise generates wider opportunities, though.

Indeed, when I recently met up with Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong and asked about taking the company's smarts global, "Never say never," was his knowing reply.

Every county, every store

And he hasn't.

Yodo1 has announced its first global published game will be tactical match-three game Cavemania, from US developer BonusXP.

It was set up by veterans from Ensemble Studios, best known for its work on Age of Empires.

Cavemania will be released during the Fall on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and other regional stores, including key Chinese channels.

As part of the deal, Yodo1 has worked with BonusXP as a co-developer to handle localisation, as well as optimisingmonetisation and will handling cross-promotion and marketing activities.

The game also integrates Yodo1's Kryptanium social network platform (currently in beta), which includes friend-lists, forums, screenshot screening, rewards, notification and cross-promotions.

The start of something

"We've learned a lot about the China market to reach 50 million players in less than a year," said Fong.

"With a user growth run rate of over 10 million new players per month, we're eager to apply our knowledge and platform on a global level."

Yodo1 will announce three other games it will publish globally - a physics combat game, a tower defence-PvP hybrid, and an arcade shooter - soon.

You can find out more about its services via its website, or check out our recent video interview with Henry below.

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