Chinese app giant Baidu appoints NetDragon founder to board

Mobile focus ramps up

Chinese app giant Baidu appoints NetDragon founder to board
China's leading search engine Baidu has appointed Liu Dejian, founder and executive director of online gaming and mobile developer NetDragon, to its board of directors.

The company claims Liu's "innovative leadership style and pedigree as an Internet entrepreneur" will be of great value to the company, which recently became a major player in the Chinese app market, acquiring app store 91 Wireless for $1.9 billion.

"We are confident that he will make a significant contribution to our efforts to consolidate our leading position in China." said Robin Li," added chairman and CEO of Baidu.

Eyes on Liu

This is not the first time Baidu and NetDragon have crossed paths this year, however.

NetDragon was 91 Wireless' largest shareholder, with the company having made a cool $1.1 billion of the Baidu buyout.

Indeed, NetDragon itself purchased 91 Wireless in 2008, where it grew to become one of China's largest app marketplaces. During the time that 91 Wireless was a NetDragon subsidiary, Liu served as chairman and non-executive director of 91 Wireless.

The appointment of Liu to Baidu's board of directors signifies the Chinese tech titan's commitment to focusing on its mobile offerings - and to establishing dominance in the divided Chinese Android marketplace.

[source: Techcrunch]

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