Kingsoft sees FY13 Q3 revenue up 51% to $90 million

Now has 150 million mobile users

Kingsoft sees FY13 Q3 revenue up 51% to $90 million

Chinese internet outfit Kingsoft (HKG: 3888) has announced its unaudited financials for FY13 Q3, the three months ending 30 September 2013.

Revenue was $90 million (RMB 551 million), up 51 percent year-on-year.

Profit before tax was $32 million (RMB 198 million), up 47 percent.

Even split

Of Kingsoft's total revenue, 49 percent was generated by its online and mobile games, with 49 percent from its application software business.

The company had 1.8 million paying gamer accounts during the three months period, up 17 percent.

Average revenue per paying user was $7.80 (RMB 48), up 4 percent.

Kingsoft particularly pointed to the success of the expansion for its flagship MMOG, JX Online III

Going mobile

Like many Chinese internet companies, Kingsoft is transitioning from PC-based web services and games to mobile.

Key to this is its Kingsoft Internet Security (KIS) platform. It enables the company to generate advertising revenue, as well as acting as a platform for its mobile games.

Across all sectors, Kingsoft has over 150 million active mobile users, of which over 123 million are on the KIS platform. It hosts almost 400 mobile games, with Kingsoft currently having a further nine mobile titles in development.

During Q3, mobile activity of all kinds generated 8 percent of KIS platform revenue.

The company ended the period with cash and equivalents worth $650 million (RMB 4 billion).

[source: Kingsoft]

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