Subsidiarized: NHN breaks out three independent mobile studios

BlackPick, PixelCube and Studio 629 emerge

Subsidiarized: NHN breaks out three independent mobile studios

2013 has been a big year for NHN Corporation; the company behind the LINE mobile social network.

For one thing, the reach of network continues to grow; it's doubled over the past seven months to 300 million users.

That business has now been broken out into its own independent company LINE Corp.

The demarcation is also spreading to the company's game developers.

Previously run under NHN Entertainment, three development studios are now running on their own two feet, albeit financed by NHN Entertainment and co-located in the NHN Entertainment Play Museum.


NHN BlackPick will be running PC and mobile MMOGs, such as E.O.S, Asta, and Football Day, Team Nine and Baseball 9 Dan.

NHN PixelCube will operate social mobile games, particularly those that use the LINE network, such as Line POP, and Line Jelly.

NHN Studio 629 is developing and operating the mobile games for the rival social network - Kakao. Those titles are POKOPang for Kakao and Wooparoo Mountain for Kakao.

[source: ThisIsGame]

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