KongZhong partners with Soha to launch games in Vietnam

Hero and Goddess the first release

KongZhong partners with Soha to launch games in Vietnam

When the emerging markets of southeast Asia are spoken of, Vietnam isn't always mentioned.

But that's where Chinese publisher KongZhong is headed with its game Hero and Goddess (aka Highlord).

It's hooked up with Vietnamese publisher Soha Game to release the mobile strategy RPG in the country.

Market forces

KongZhong reckons that Vietnam's game market (PC and mobile) is worth around $240 million annually; that out of a regional total of around $560 million.

Soha says that it has a market share of over 50 percent of the 18 million smartphone market.

More generally, it says Vietnam is the second fastest growing market globally in terms of iOS and Android activations.

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