PGC: MyGamez CEO says there is a market for Western games in China if you work with OEMs

Mikael Leinonen speaks out

PGC: MyGamez CEO says there is a market for Western games in China if you work with OEMs

At Vinopolis, just before lunch, MyGamez CEO Mikael Leinonen outlined the company's strategy for successfully publishing Western games in China, and a lot of it flew in the face of what the other speakers had to say.

Acccording to Leinonen, there's a huge market in China for Western Games, and Chinese gamers have a real hankering for "cool foreign stuff".

And one of the main ways the publisher is getting games into the hands of players is with pre-installed games on new handsets.

One of the most interesting techniques involves local bricks and mortar stores. It's here that most Chinese people get their hands on their first smartphone, and a lot of the stores are installing their own games and apps on the devices.


As well as working with the main telecom providers in the market, MyGamez can ensure that the games they publish are put straight into the hands of consumers, cutting out the middlemen of the huge number of app stores in the region.

That strong presence on the devices means that MyGamez can penetrate more areas of the market while avoiding a lot of the hassle inherent with delivering content to a Chinese audience.

On top of that MyGamez's close relationship with the biggest of the app stores mean they're allowed to use their own payment SDKs, streamlining the process for developers and letting them keep the same revenue share across distribution platforms.

While the ideas about Westernisation might be at odds with a lot of what's being said at Pocket Gamer Connects, there's a lot to be said for focusing on getting games directly onto handsets, and as such into the hands of gamers.

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