Gumi and Ankama join forces for a strategic mobile partnership

Reading between the lines - expect more Dofus

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 11th, 2014 investment Gumi Inc. $6m
Gumi and Ankama join forces for a strategic mobile partnership

Currently riding high in the Japanese charts, Gumi is looking to make the most of international opportunities.

It's just raised $18 million in funding, opened an office in Paris, and is extending its activity in the country, announcing a deal with French media outfit Ankama, which in terms of games is best known for its Dofus franchise.

The two companies aren't talking about what they're planning just yet, however.

All they say is they have "entered into a strategic partnership focused on mobile gaming", with more details about the first game in the partnership to be revealed in the coming months.

Two become one

"Ankama Games is able to create coherent universe that appeals to a large audience. We are proud and happy to partner with this talented studio to adapt their vision and bring games together to the market" commenting Gumi CEO Hironao Kunimitsu, raising the possibility that the pair are working on a new Dofus mobile game.

To-date, Ankama has released two Dofus games on iOS, but the brand hasn't been really active on mobile since 2012.

"Gumi's expertise in mobile game development combined with their in-depth knowledge of the Asian mobile market makes them the best partner to pursue our development" added Ankama's COO Olivier Comte.

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