LINE passes 400 million users worldwide, adding 826,000 new users per day

Not bad for three years on the market

LINE passes 400 million users worldwide, adding 826,000 new users per day

Japanese social messaging client LINE has amassed over 400 million users around the world.

The service is most popular in Japan but, according to LINE's internal figures, it's also gone comfortably north of 10 million users in 10 countries including Taiwan, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

What's more, LINE's growth rate is still accelerating. Back in August, LINE hit 230 million users and took three months to reach 300 million users.

Four months after that milestone, LINE's now reached 400 million users - adding roughly 826,000 new users per day.

Sticker shock

In addition to the explosive growth of the user base, LINE reported that its users send roughly 10 billion messages and 1.8 billion stickers per day.

LINE's growth since launch

While impressive, the chat-enhancing stickers only account for about 20 percent of LINE's total revenue. Games, on the other hand, account for closer to 60 percent.

LINE's growth rate over the past four months is all the more noteworthy considering the increased pressure from similar social messaging services like Kakao and WhatsApp - which Facebook recently acquired for $19 billion.

[source: LINE]

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