AppFlood rolls out RTB platform to bring China into global ad ecosystem

Powered by Amazon for low latency fulfilment

AppFlood rolls out RTB platform to bring China into global ad ecosystem

When it comes to mobile advertising and user acquisition, programmatical smarts are the hot topic.

That’s because there are so many channels, both in terms of traffic sources and advertisers, the complexity is well beyond any individual’s ability to optimise it.

So, as has happened with share trading, now with UA, it’s time to let the machines take over.

That’s the background behind the rise of real-time bidding exchanges, which bring together those who want to spend money on advertising campaigns and those who have the inventory for advertising campaigns in the most cost effective manner.

The Chinese way

This sort of approach has become fairly standard in western markets, but it’s only now coming to the immature and heavily fragmented Chinese app advertising market.

One company leading the charge in the fastest-growing major mobile market is Beijing-based PapayaMobile, which has seen its AppFlood UA network go from strength to strength.

It’s currently being used by over 9,000 Android developers, delivering more than 100,000 installs daily across a network of 145 million monthly active users.

And it’s just announced it’s rolled out its own real-time bidding system; something it claims is a first in China.

Riding the Amazon

One reason, RTB hasn’t worked well in the Chinese market is network latency, something that Papaya says it’s overcome using Amazon Web Services’ DynamoDB architecture.

This has enabled AppFlood to offer a robust global service; something that’s vital for the biggest brands who typically want to run global campaigns from a single location, rather than fragmenting their focus with local partners.

“As international brands and advertisers continue to spend ever more on mobile, AppFlood’s RTB solution will help meet the tremendous demand from Chinese advertisers for global inventory, and vice versa,” said PapayaMobile’s CEO Si Shen.

AppFlood also now offers improved targeting, support for rich-media and video ads, and is linked with OpenX to ensure there’s sufficient ad inventory available.

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