BeeTalk announces 10 million users, while customisation app Cocoppa breaks 25 million barrier

New ways to find Asian audiences

BeeTalk announces 10 million users, while customisation app Cocoppa breaks 25 million barrier

Just as we've gotten used to the power of mobile social networks like LINE, WeChat and Kakao, not to mention WhatsApp, SnapChat and Tango etc, it's time for the next new wave.

One such as BeeTalk, which is part of Singapore online gaming and social platform provider Garena.

Its main product is the PC-focused Garena+, which is used for titles like League of Legends and FIFA Online 3 in Taiwan and southeast Asia.

BeeTalk, on the other hand, is a fast-growing mobile social app that has SnapChat-esque texts and photos that self-delete, Tinder-like photo discovery of nearby hotties, WeChat's random shake discovery method, and LINE-inspired stickers.

Live and heavily promoted in Taiwan and Thailand, it's been soft launched in Vietnam and Singapore, and now has over 10 million users.

BeeTalk advert

Given that mobile games provide the vast majority of revenues generated by Kakao, LINE and WeChat - both from consumers and publishers - no doubt, mobile games will be introduced before too long.

My phone, my way

Meanwhile, in Japan, the big new story is the success of Cocoppa. [Google Play link]

It's a customisation app - think wallpapers and icons - for iOS and Android. Launched in July 2012, it's had 25 million downloads, of which 84 percent are outside of Japan.

Although not big in the west, customisation is massive in Asia, especially in the Chinese Android market, where you can purchase various themes that will change your entire UI; something that will be interesting to consumer and gaming brands given the large volume of users they can target in this manner.

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