Nexon takes stake in Socialspiel in return for exclusive publishing deal

Deal chain combo builds

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 27th, 2014 investment Nexon
Socialspiel Games
Not disclosed
Nexon takes stake in Socialspiel in return for exclusive publishing deal

F2P giant Nexon (3659.TO) is struggling when it comes to mobile games.

That's why it's currently splashing out, making investments and closing publishing deals with western developers.

The latest deal sees the Tokyo-floated publisher hooking up with Austria developer Socialspiel.

Snapping up talent

Set up by veterans from Rockstar Games and Deep Silver in 2010, Socialspiel has taken an undisclosed cash investment for a minority stake and now has a Nexon representative on its board.

In return, Nexon has exclusive worldwide publishing rights for Socialspiel's upcoming mobile and tablet titles.

Key amongst these is an as-yet unannounced 2015 action RPG in which players build a legacy of heroes and custom weaponry used to battle their way through randomized dungeons.

The vision thing

"This long-term strategic partnership combines Socialspiel's experience and track record of developing unique, high-quality game play experiences for Western audiences with Nexon's extensive free-to-play experience, global publishing platform and international user base," said Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney.

"This announcement marks yet another milestone in our strategy to grow our business in the West and we are excited to work with the talented Socialspiel team to bring exciting new triple-A-quality titles to players around the world."

Nexon has also invested in US studios Robotoki, Rumble Entertainment and Shiver Entertainment.

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