Adways highlights power of its pre-launch Yoyaku Top 10 service in Korea

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Adways highlights power of its pre-launch Yoyaku Top 10 service in Korea

In the battle for better, cheaper user acquisition, pre-order campaigns are becoming increasingly important.

That's even the case in the Korean market, which up to this point has been reliant on the KakaoGame platform.

Which is why ad platform Adways is highlighting its mobile-based Yoyaku Top 10 program.

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Launched in Japan in 2013 and in a beta form in Korea in early 2014 on iOS and Android, Yoyaku Top 10 has been used to promote more than 150 apps from 50 developers.

It works by enabling users to pre-register for an app launch, firing off an email alert and push notification when the game is live.

Developers also use the service to highlight special promotions.

And it's yielded results in Korea, pushing up to 10,000 pre-registrations for the most popular titles.

More generally, it's provided a click-thru rate of 56 percent - ensuring an engaged audience for a game at launch - compared to a click-thru rate of less than 20 percent for comparable PC-based programs.

Of course, the rate is dependent on title and genre, but Adways has released the following breakdown of how different genres have performed.

You can see more details from the Korean language website.

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