Baidu rumoured to be launching a smart TV gaming platform

Taking it widescreen

Baidu rumoured to be launching a smart TV gaming platform

Known as the Google of China, Baidu is following its US namesake, leveraging its dominance in search into other areas.

In China that means the mobile internet and app distribution and marketing.

So in that context, the rumour that the company is planning to launch a smart TV gaming platform is something of a surprise.

Not so mobile

Of course, there's platform compatibility in terms of the use of Android as an operating system for high-end TVs.

But given that smart TVs haven't provided a strong ecosystem for apps and games in the west, it's something of a gamble to expect strong interest in the much more mobile-centric Chinese market.

It's suggested Baidu will release an SDK for developers to integrate so their games work across a wide range of devices - something Baidu will have to work closely with TV OEMs to ensure strong support.

This will also include the option for people to use their smartphone or tablet as a game controller.

[source: Marbridge]

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