SkyMobi and MIHOYO's The End of School II hits $1.6 million in first month

Paid iOS ACG is a success

SkyMobi and MIHOYO's The End of School II hits $1.6 million in first month

Chinese Android app store SkyMobi has announced its success in another area of the market - games publishing.

It's been working with Chinese developer MIHOYO over its 17+ side-scroller action Anime Comic Game (ACG) The End of School II.

SkyMobi is the exclusive publisher for the title, which has generated over $1.6 million (RMB 10 million) during its first month on iOS.

The game is also available for Android devices. 

Publishing power

MIHOYO is one of the Chinese game developers that SkyMobi has invested in; the companies entering into a strategic agreement in early 2012.

"As its [The End of School II] publisher, SkyMobi has fully leveraged our integrated resources by investing smartly in promoting the game online and off-line, catching proper timing to attract players, and bringing critical players' feedback to MIHOYO," say SkyMobi CEO Michael Tao Song.

"We strongly believe that SkyMobi has successfully entrenched its position in both Android and iOS platforms as a professional mobile game publisher, proven by our distinguished way of selecting games.

"As the momentum has been built up, we are expecting future success in publishing mobile games and higher return to all investors."

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