Pocket Gamer hits ChinaJoy 2014 expo with latest Mobile Mixer

Get ready to raise the roof in Shanghai on 31 July

Pocket Gamer hits ChinaJoy 2014 expo with latest Mobile Mixer

Pocket Gamer is excited to announce one of its legendary Mobile Mixers complete with a roof-raising after party, sponsored by Immersion and Chukong Technologies, to help celebrate the Asia’s biggest and most exciting games conference, ChinaJoy.

Running from 31 July until 3 August, the annual ChinaJoy expo takes place in Shanghai and brings together the continent’s massive collective of game creators, businesses, indies and supporters.

It even bolts on some amazing coverage of comic book and animation specialists, a cosplay carnival, award ceremony and plenty of B2B and B2C networking opportunities.

Mixing it up

Not least of these opportunities being one of our grand Mobile Mixer get-togethers, to give you chance to relax after the first day’s hectic schedule at ChinaJoy 2014 and reflect on the wonders you’ve witnessed.

We’ll be running a panel discussion to get the party started at 8pm in the Shanghai Rose on 31st July, and getting the global crowd together to chat, be merry and even make new contacts.

So join us for the ChinaJoy Mobile Mixer and after party by booking your free ticket today, and don’t forget to bring a business card along so you can get in the door.


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