MarvelousAQL rebrands. Now just Marvelous

Drops the AQL

MarvelousAQL rebrands. Now just Marvelous

Created from the merger of Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive and Liveware back in October 2011, MarvelousAQL has finally cleaned up its brand.

The Japanese publisher will now just been known as Marvelous Inc.: a move that is also reflected in its Tokyo Stock Exchange listing (TSE:7844).

Looking forward

Chairman and CEO, Haruki Nakayama said that the three companies have now been fully integrated, and the new brand is already familiar to gamers as Marvelous has been its consumer trade name.

And more generally, the company, which remains heavily focused on the Japanese market, including 3DS and Vita games, is looking to expand, both in terms of boosting its smartphone activity and its internationally offerings.

For this reason, it set up a European office in 2012.

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