Despite ongoing business reset, Square Enix sees game sales up 103% to $373 million

Dragon Quest Monster Super Light strong in Japan

Despite ongoing business reset, Square Enix sees game sales up 103% to $373 million

Japanese publisher Square Enix (TYO:9684) has announced its FY15 Q1 financials, for the three months ending 30 June 2014.

Net sales were $373 million (¥37.8 billion), up 57 percent year-on-year.

Of this, digital entertainment accounted for $232 milion (¥23.5 billion) - or 72 percent of total sales - up 103 percent year-on-year.

Operating income from games was $44 million (¥4.5 billion), up 242 percent

Overall company net income was $34 million (¥3.4 billion), compared to a loss of $4.9 billion (¥493) billion 12 months ago.

Here be dragons

Square Enix doesn't break out mobile game sales.

However, it said that Dragon Quest Monster Super Light  continues to build on its solid growth in Japan.

Japanese-only Schoolgirl Strikers  has also launched well.

The company has also seen strong revenue in Asia and China from games such as Million Arthur and Chain Chronicles (aka Cross Gate), which has been published by Perfect World, being a #1 game in China.

More generally, Square Enix reminded shareholders that while the North American and Europe console markets are "increasingly getting competitive and oligopolistic", smartphones and tablet PC are spreading rapidly.

Hence, the company is "focusing all efforts on a substantial earnings improvement through driving reforms of business structure in order to establish new revenue base".

That was the reason for the big loss 12 months ago.

The company ended the quarter with cash of $1.1 billion (¥112 billion).

[source: Square Enix]

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