Leaked email reports Chukong's August 2014 sales up 130% to $28.5 million

Good news can't wait

Leaked email reports Chukong's August 2014 sales up 130% to $28.5 million

Chinese publisher and gaming technology outfit Chukong continues to leak emails.

Back in May, a leaked internal email revealed it has decided to postpone its US IPO.

Now Marbridge Consulting is reporting it's let slip its August revenue numbers.

At least the news is good.

Thanks to the performance of games like Fishing Joy 3 and Qin's Moon, sales were RMB 175 million or $28.5 million.

This is up 130 percent compared to August 2013, while Chukong reported turnover of around $60 million (RMB 366 million) in the first quarter of 2014.

If the August figures were annualised - a big assumption, granted - this would give the company a turnover of around $340 million.

Fishing for gold

Of course, the big jump has occurred now thanks to those recent launches, with Fishing Joy 3 reportedly to have made around $5 million in August and Qin's Moon $6.5 million.

In addition, Chukong's reboot of its mobile ad channel with Chartboost appears to be playing off, with ad sales in August up to $3 million.

[source: Marbridge Consulting]

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