Alongside new wearables company, Lenovo reveals China-only Google Glass rival

Fits on your spectacles

Alongside new wearables company, Lenovo reveals China-only Google Glass rival

Chinese laptop and smartphone manufacturer Lenovo has made a sudden and assertive push toward smart device development by announcing the formation of a brand new company focusing on wearable tech, and by unveiling its consumer-targeted Google Glass competitor.

Whether the two will come together under the same banner hasn't yet been revealed though, as the spin-off company isn't opening its doors until April 2015.

New tech, new name

This smart devices and services company will get its own branding, separate from its Lenovo Group parent, and will take a direct-to-consumer approach rather than selling through carriers, as it currently does with smartphones.

Being based in China, it seems the smart tech branch will initially focus on selling to the local market.

The announcement comes as Lenovo unveils its Google Glass competitor, the New Glass, which is one of four smart products developed by the company's New Business Development platform.

The device is powered by the Android platform, and consists of a single, detachable eye-piece and camera with a necklace-like battery pack. This allows it to be clipped to the user's existing spectacles, if required, having the body of the device out of the way around the neck.

Control is via a paired smartphone, voice, or a using a specially made smart ring.

Competition for Google some in the shape of Lenovo New Glass.

The New Glass is being made exclusively for China initially, with a Chinese language operating system and display, but the popularity of the company's laptops worldwide will hopefully encourage foerign sales before too long.

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