Chukong rolls out Cocos Services to provide one-stop mobile game-making shop

Adds monetisation, analytics and operations

Chukong rolls out Cocos Services to provide one-stop mobile game-making shop

The buzzword for middleware used to be graphics, but now it's services.

And that's why Chinese publisher and technology outfit Chukong is partnering up with five service providers to ensure that the free, open-source Cocos2d-x middleware remains fully-featured.

Launched under the label Cocos Services, the initiative adds smarts from Chartboost, Kochava, PlayFab, Scientific Revenue, and Vungle so the more than 400,000 developers who use Cocos2d-x - including the likes of Zynga, Big Fish, and Wooga - can build, distribute, monetize, and analyse their games within a unified experience.

The services will be offered by Chukong's international division.

New streams

"Cocos Services fills the growing need for developers to integrate the technologies they need to make their games successful with the least amount of difficulty," said Lei Zhang, US General Manager, Chukong Technologies.

"Our partners represent the finest service providers in each of their fields, and Cocos Services has made access to these industry-leading technologies easier than ever."

The offered services are as follows:

  • Chartboost - monetisation platform
  • Kochava - attribution analytics and visualization for campaign optimisation
  • PlayFab - game operations platform
  • Scientific Revenue - automated revenue optimisation
  • Vungle - video advertising

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