Unity signs global alliance with Korean giant NHN Entertainment

Set to build on 60% share of output

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 29th, 2014 partnership NHN Entertainment Corp.
Unity Technologies
Not disclosed
Unity signs global alliance with Korean giant NHN Entertainment

Unity has signed what's been described as a “global games business alliance” with Korean publisher NHN Entertainment to build on the latter's use of Unity in its titles.

Details of the alliance are unclear but, as reported by Asia Gyeongjae, NHN already uses Unity for around 60 percent of its games already – roughly equal to the engine's share of the top grossing 3D mobile games market across board.

Publishing power

Beyond an intent to employ Unity to a greater degree within future titles, it's unknown what other ramifications the alliance will have on the two companies respective businesses.

However, it's indicative of Unity's intend to expand its presence in Asia. TechInAsia reports the company has also just unveiled a plan to help smaller studios in Korea manage their brand identity via its Unity BI scheme.

One - contested - estimate of Unity's share of key markets

The business alliance comes less than a week after Unity unveiled former EA man John Riccitiello as its new CEO, taking over from company co-founder David Helgason.

"He liked our independent attitude, our innovation, how we're democractising game development," Helgason told us of Riccitiello's appointment.

"We clicked right away. He's thoughtful, is experienced in building companies, and has helped me to see things more clearly, particularly in terms of how we move from supporting developers to create games to how we can help them find an audience for the games they've made."

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