Assemble for Pocket Gamer's Superhero party at G-Star on 20 Nov

All bound for Busan

Assemble for Pocket Gamer's Superhero party at G-Star on 20 Nov

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Pocket Gamer party team!

And we’re flying into Busan on the 20 November to host, as you might have guessed, one of our legendary parties during Korea’s brilliant G-Star 2014 event.

And in case you hadn’t already worked out our theme, we’re Thor this will help you get it in a Flash; it’s a Superhero party and we’re wanting you to come along to save the day.

The Party Knight Rises

Yes, with the help of our wonderful sponsors ZQGame, we’re transforming 247 Lounge Bar into our very own version of the Bat Cave, where superheroes (and maybe some villains) can come together and kick back.

Whether you fancy donning some lycra or just turning up in your regular clothes, we’ll be donning the lycra to help build a Marvellous atmosphere.

While we probably won’t be making the streets of Busan safer, we certainly will be knocking back the booze in a friendly environment.

And, as per usual, there’ll be networking that is so good that even Superman and Lex Luthor would be able to put aside their differences for an evening – making this an essential evening of fun.

We partied hard in Tokyo and we'll party even harder in Busan

Are you ready to answer the call of party then? If you’re around at G-Star or in the local area and want to join our merry band of super heroes, you can grab a totally free ticket to the event by signing up through our event page on

Our team of party heroes are excited to be coming down to Korea to save you from an evening of boredom – we hope very much to see you there.

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