Spacetime's MMOG Arcane Legends coming to China courtesy of Golden Gate Games

Will be culturalised for local tastes

Date Type Companies involved Size
November 19th, 2014 partnership Golden Gate Games
Spacetime Studios
Not disclosed
Spacetime's MMOG Arcane Legends coming to China courtesy of Golden Gate Games

Mobile MMOG developer Spacetimes Studios has signed a deal with Golden Gate Games (G3) to bring its title Arcane Legends to the Chinese market.

San Francisco-headquartered G3 will fully culturalise the game in its Shanghai office, tweaking everything from graphical content to UI, monetisation and game mechanics for the local market.

It will also publish the game via the various Chinese app stores and distribution channels, including supporting it in terms of content updates, community management and other live services.

It's previously released Sidekick's Romans From Mars and Robot Invader's Wind-up Knight 2 in the region.

Launch and support

"We spoke to several partners about bringing Arcane Legends to China and the Golden Gate Game guys clearly had the experience, knowledge and product development skills to make the changes that were needed to both maintain our high level of quality and address the uniqueness of the Chinese market," said Spacetime Studios CEO Gary Gattis.

Arcane Legends - colourful characters, big weapons

""MMOs have traditionally been a very popular genre of gaming in China, and the Spacetime Studio team has created by far the best MMO on mobile in the west," said G3's CEO Keith McCurdy.

"We are confident the China market will be very eager to play it as well."

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