Gamevil levels up, acquiring Korean RPG dev Waplesoft

More content for its global publishing arm

Date Type Companies involved Size
November 25th, 2014 acquisition Gamevil
Not disclosed
Gamevil levels up, acquiring Korean RPG dev Waplesoft

Following its record FY14 Q3 financials, Korean publisher Gamevil has announced it's acquired local partner Waplesoft.

The developer was previously best-known for its web and social network games, but is currently working with Gamevil, which is publishing its card-collecting, role-playing action game Elune Saga in December.

The terms of the deal weren't disclosed but Gamevil noted that the move increases its internal development capabilities, especially in terms of RPGs, which means more product to push through its global publishing channels.

In this context, the company recently opened a European office in Berlin and a southeast Asian office in Singapore.

[source: Gamevil]

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