Adways China links with beBit to crack Chinese mobile advertising market

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November 27th, 2014 partnership Adways
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Adways China links with beBit to crack Chinese mobile advertising market

Japanese marketing outfit beBit has formed an alliance with the Shanghai-based subsidiary of Adways to promote its online ad attribution analytics tool, Webantenna within China.

Adways China has been providing marketing support for global companies trying to crack the fragmented Chinese market.

By reselling Webantenna, Adways China hopes to establish itself as an industry leader for web marketing in the East.

What from where

For the uninitiated, attribution analysis works by studying how each media channel contributes to an ad conversion.

For example, if a conversion is made after a user clicks on a listing ad, attribution analytics evaluates the effects of the media channels or ads that the user had seen before the conversion – banner ads, affiliate ads and so on.

"In recent years, the number of ad campaigns in various ad channels has... significantly increased in China like what has been seen in Japan," Adways China said in a statement.

"However, due to a lack of ad analytics tool that manages contact history of each user with multiple ad channels, advertisers were not able to accurately analyze direct effects of their ads such as branding [sic]."

By partnering with beBit and its attribution analytics tool, Adways China hopes to both boost the sales of Webantenna and solve these issues in the Chinese market.

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