AppFlood report reveals 70% of new Android users coming from emerging markets

Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe growing fast

AppFlood report reveals 70% of new Android users coming from emerging markets

According to the latest research from AppFlood, emerging markets are becoming a boon for mobile advertising while install rates in North America and Western Europe slow.

PapayaMobile-owned AppFlood is a China-based global programmatic mobile ad platform that claims to deliver nearly half a million installs daily alongside 800 million daily impressions.

Its Q4 2014 report on global mobile Android advertising insights revealed that round 70 percent of new Android users are stemming from Asia and Latin America.

AppFlood’s data also indicates that Eastern Europe is quickly becoming a key region for mobile advertising, as while Asia accounted for 46 percent of global mobile traffic, Eastern Europe came in second at 18 percent.

New opportunities

“Our findings show that mobile advertising continues to see exponential growth in the emerging regions,” said Si Shen, PapayaMobile’s co-founder and CEO in an email statement.

“While regions like North America and Western Europe saw a slow in install rates last quarter, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe saw increases. Eastern Europe saw the biggest jump in install rate and was second in terms of traffic.

“With rising install rates and the majority of users acquired coming from Asia and Latin America, advertisers are beginning to see the massive opportunity that lies in the emerging regions.”

Other notable findings include that AppFlood's global mobile ad spend reportedly grew 128 percent quarter-on-quarter.

According to AppFlood's numbers, global mobile advertising is rising fast

Meanwhile, personalisation apps have slipped in promoted app popularity compared to the previous quarter. Instead, communication apps such as WhatsApp accounted for 45 percent of promoted apps – that’s up 50 percent from the previous quarter.

Still, it’s wise to take AppFlood’s figures with a pinch of salt. Since the company doesn’t have much presence outside of emerging regions, the data is likely somewhat skewed.

However, its presence in China is strong. AppFlood boasts a large number of Chinese advertisers that it says collectively enjoy the largest mobile ad budgets in the world.

You can read the full report here.

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