UCWeb enters gaming hardware market with Android Xiaoqi Gamepad

Hardcore gaming for Chinese Android players

UCWeb enters gaming hardware market with Android Xiaoqi Gamepad

UCWeb, a firm traditionally focused on mobile internet services for the Chinese market, has announced its first foray into hardware development with the Xiaoqi Gamepad for Android devices.

Connected via Bluetooth, just like the range of MFi controllers for iPad and iPhone, UCWeb's gamepad will offer a physical alternative to touchscreen controls.

Casual becomes serious

Of course, these devices are usually reserved for the hardcore mobile gamers, so the fact that a company as big as UCWeb is interested in developing such a product undoubtedly speaks to the strength of China's mobile gaming market right now.

With an increased interest mid-core and hardcore Android games developing in China, the Xiaoqi Gamepad aims to offer a more console-esque control system which is more suitable for the likes of the first-person shooting and racing genres.

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