Thanks to Chain Chronicle, Sega Networks sees FY14 sales hit $200 million

Will soon be 50% of Sega Sammy's digital total

Thanks to Chain Chronicle, Sega Networks sees FY14 sales hit $200 million

The element of Sega Sammy (TYO: 6460) that's focused on F2P mobile games, Sega Networks has released some detailed financials.

It points out that at its predicted growth rate of 163 percent (over the past six quarters), Sega Networks will - by mid-FY15 - account for 50 percent of all of Sega Sammy's digital business.

Indeed, Sega Networks has doubled its sales over the past six months, and achieved year-on-year growth of almost 500 percent.

Revenues for FY2014 were $202 million (¥20.9 billion), with Sega Networks' performance being particularly strong on the Japanese App Store.

Power play

Key titles were Chain Chronicles and Puyopuyo! Quest, each of which are generating around $5 million per month.

In particular, Chain Chronicles is currently operating at an annualised revenue rate of $100 million.

Sega Network could soon account for 50% of Sega Sammy's digital sales

The company also has five games generating over $1 million a month and another six doing around $500,000 a month.

More games

In terms of future plans, Sega Networks is expecting to add 15 new titles to its current portfolio of 13 live games.

These include a new RPG from the Chain Chronicles team, a 3D massively-multiplayer ARPG, and the first native game from the f4samurai studio.

Sega Networks' FY14 sales were ¥20.9 billion

And aside from its games, Sega Networks runs the Noah Pass cross-promotion platform.

It's now being used in 246 games from 57 companies and has a reach of 41.6 million users within the lucrative Japanese mobile game market.

[source: Sega Sammy (PDF)]

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