Gamevil bringing two top Korean PC games to mobile

Age of Storm Mobile and Devilian Mobile inbound

Date Type Companies involved Size
February 10th, 2015 partnership Dragonfly Games
Ginno Games
Not disclosed
Gamevil bringing two top Korean PC games to mobile

Korean publisher Gamevil has signed publishing deals with two Korean developers - Dragonfly Games and Ginno Games - which will allow it to bring a PC games from each companies onto mobile devices.

Gamevil will be working alongside Dragonfly on a mobile conversion of Kingdom Under Fire Online: Age of Storm, currently a PC-only MOBA. 

Age of Storm Mobile is the project's working title.

The devil in your palm

Meanwhile, Gamevil's project with Ginno Games is Devilian Mobile (working title), an attempted reinvention of the MMORPG Devilian as a smartphone-friendly game with global appeal.

Gamevil is certainly no stranger to success with online games on mobile platforms, with Kritika: The White Knights having surpassed 10 million downloads since its July 2014 release.

Devilian - a core MMORPG coming to mobile

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