Japan has highest CPI costs

Geenapp counts country variation

Japan has highest CPI costs

Mobile app discovery platform Geenapp has put together a report analysing the current Cost-per-Install (CPI) data in the worldwide app economy.

The report, which is the first in an ongoing series, draws on data from more than 300,000 campaigns and 300 ad networks.

A few interesting findings emerged from the 'Global CPI Wars' report, one of the most immediately arresting being that the average CPI cost for an iOS app is more than two-thirds higher than for Android - $1.67 and $0.98 respectively.

The outlay for success

Another point worth noting is that games have a relatively low CPI when compared to other app categories, sitting at an average of $1.14 for iOS and Android.

This is lower than travel, health, and dating apps, while the only category with a lower CPI than games is productivity.

In its worldwide findings, Geenapp show that Africa is the region with the lowest CPI ($0.96 for iOS and $0.63 for Android) while the USA/Canada, somewhat predictably, has the highest ($2.41 for iOS and $1.81 for Android).

As for specific countries, of the top six - Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Spain, and the USA - Japan's CPI is highest, at $2.63 for iOS and $1.67 for Android.

The lowest is Brazil, where CPI sits at $1.42 for iOS and $0.64 for Android.

For more findings, you can download the full report via Geenapp's CPI Wars website.

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