Chillingo sets up shop in Shanghai

Publishing services expand in to China

Chillingo sets up shop in Shanghai

Chillingo is expanding its publishing services in China by opening the doors of a new studio in Shanghai.

As a subsidiary of EA, the studio is being opened within EA’s offices in the city and will aim to publish games under the Chillingo brand across the many Chinese app stores.

“China represents a tremendous growth opportunity, both for Chillingo and for developers making it a natural location to extend our services,” said Chilingo China's head of production, Mike Chen, in a statement.

“China has the largest install base of connected mobile devices of any country in the world combined with an avid gaming audience and a dynamic talent pool - a golden opportunity that Chillingo would love to seize.”

Land of opportunity

Under the leadership of Chen, Chillingo China has already sealed a partnership deal with Tianjin-based developer Happy Fish Games to publish a new title later this year.

It will continue to work with a local team to source and collaborate with independent mobile game developers in China.

Chillingo is best known for publishing chart-topping games such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Iron Force.

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