Japanese mobile gamers play 3 times more than Americans

App Annie says Asia eclipses the west

Japanese mobile gamers play 3 times more than Americans

The mobile intelligence experts at App Annie have revealed that in terms of time spent mobile gaming, Asia is beating the western market hands down.

A new report from the company states that, particularly in Japan and South Korea, the gaming app ecosystem is eclipsing that of the west both in “time spent” and “revenues generated.”

Time is money

It found that the average smartphone user in Japan will boot up around 3x more gaming sessions per month than their counterparts in the US, and approximately 7.5x more than UK players.

Time spent per active user was similarly skewed; games were the second highest category in terms of time spent by Android users in Japan and South Korea in Q1 2015, eclipsed only by the Communication category.

Japan leads the pack in terms of time spent mobile gaming.

"In Japan, Android smartphone users spent around 4x as much time per month as users in the United States playing mobile games in Q1 2015,” the report reads.

“In contrast, Android smartphone users in Europe and the United States tended to spend more time in apps from the Social and Media & Video categories than in games."

App Annie also took a look at its regular mobile games charts, and found that while Asian players will gravitate towards core and mid-core titles, in the west casual is king.

"While more casual games such as Candy Crush Saga, LINE Disney Tsum Tsum and Anipang 2 also see high usage in Japan and Korea, they dominate the top 10 to a lesser extent than similar titles in Europe and the United States," it said.

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