Japan #1 Monster Strike raking in $3.8 million per day

Touted as Japan's next billion-dollar mobile game

Japan #1 Monster Strike raking in $3.8 million per day

Recently released figures from the financial year ending 31 March 2015 show that Japanese firm Mixi has enjoyed an 829 percent increase in year-on-year sales - largely thanks to the phenomenal performance of its action RPG Monster Strike.

With Monster Strike reportedly bringing in $3.8 million a day, and powering Mixi's Q4 revenues to $350 million, it's unsurprising that the firm should be looking to leverage the strength of the brand in other areas.

Beyond the mobile

As such, along with the recent launch in Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia, Mixi has announced that a Nintendo 3DS version is in the works and that an animated TV series based on Monster Strike will be airing in Japan this year.

Monster Strike's success since its October 2013 launch has even led some to believe that it will reach the heights of Puzzle & Dragons, by becoming Japan's next billion-dollar mobile game franchise.

Analyst and consultant Serkan Toto, speaking to VentureBeat, highlighted the potential for revenue growth as the game racks up more downloads.

Mixi's Monster Strike currently sits at 25 million worldwide, while GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons exceeds 35 million in Japan alone.

Monsters vs. Dragons

“I personally have little doubt that Monster Strike’s overall revenue will climb higher when downloads go up... there is still room for Mixi to boost that number to well over $4 million per day," said Toto.

"And this isn’t counting the revenue the company can make from licensing out, as planned, the Monster Strike IP to anime production companies or releasing a 3DS version."

“For context, Puzzle & Dragons Z, the 3DS game that’s based on the mobile app, has sold around 2 million copies in Japan only since launch in December 2013 - not a bad number at all.”

However, while Toto paints a rosy picture for the future of Mixi's revenue, he does observe that tackling the international market will be a big hurdle if Monster Strike is to achieve Puzzle & Dragons levels of success

I don’t think I have to tell you what that means.”

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