Accel sells out, allowing SoftBank to bring its Supercell stake to 73%

Supercell to remain independent despite SoftBank further growing its stake

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 1st, 2015 acquisition Accel Partners
Not disclosed
Accel sells out, allowing SoftBank to bring its Supercell stake to 73%

With Accel Partners cashing out of the Helsinki-based mobile gaming behemoth Supercell, Japanese internet outfit SoftBank has acquired the VC's 22.7 percent holding to bring its overall stake in the firm to 73.2 percent.

Despite this large majority, however, SoftBank has revealed that the studio will not be made to relinquish its autonomy: 

“Supercell will continue to operate independently and Ikka Paananen will continue to serve as CEO," read a SoftBank statement.

Still on the rise?

The value of these shares, and indeed Supercell as a whole, is still as yet undisclosed.

However, in a statement issued to TechCrunch, the suggestion from Accel partner Kevin Comoli was that the valuation has increased:

“I think that this is a great outcome for us, Supercell and SoftBank,” he said.

As for SoftBank, having now spent an even larger sum of money to acquire a significant stake in the Clash of Clans developer, the Japanese firm clearly remains confident as to the continuing - and indeed growing - success of Supercell.

“Supercell is expected to continue to be a leader in the mobile games industry,” said a company spokesperson. 

"SoftBank positions its partnership with Supercell as core to its mobile content strategy and believes that strengthening its relationship with Supercell through the transaction will further contribute to the SoftBank Group’s growth over the long-term.”

[Source: TechCrunch]

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