Chukong unveils major Cocos engine upgrade including SDKBOX platform

Cocos v3.7 comes with a cluster of new tricks

Chukong unveils major Cocos engine upgrade including SDKBOX platform

Chukong Technologies has peeled the wrapper off a major new upgrade to its Cocos engine.

Cocos v3.7 is the result of a merger between Cocos2d-JS and Cocos2d-x, streamlining the user interface and affording developers extra control when it comes to customizing their Cocos Framework.

A fresh dusting of Coco

In addition, Chukong has launched its new SDKBOX, an integration platform that allows thirdparty SDKs to work side by side with games developed using the Cocos2d-x engine.

“We’re constantly looking to upgrade and improve our services,” said Kai Zhao, General Manager of Chukong Technologies, USA.

“Cocos 3.7 is a major upgrade that will allow our partners to get a more robust level of use as well as have an overall better user experience.”

Alongside the new SDKBOX, Cocos2d-x v3.7 will include 3D physics and navigation mesh, a new material system, Android studio support, Samsung Enhanced API support and enhanced polygon sprite capabilities.

With 490,000 registered mobile game developers and over 16,000 published titles, Chukong claims that Cocos2d-x is the world’s largest open source mobile game engine.

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