How Testbird worked with DeNA to prime One Piece for Chinese success

Fixing critical bug

How Testbird worked with DeNA to prime One Piece for Chinese success

Dealing with China's fragmented Android app stores is a big headache for mobile developers.

The range of Android devices is even worse, however.

Chinese QA studio Testbird has revealed some details about its work on the DeNA-developer and Namco Bandai-published One Piece Treasure King, aka Hanghaiwang Qihang in China.

Atom freeze

With 17 Android OEMs and hundreds of different phone models live in China, extensive QA testing is resourcing intensive, in terms of time and financial investment.

DeNA was particularly sensitive to time delays so with the launch fast approaching, it started working with Testbird to check the game against its library of devices.

The screen that froze

Within 24 hours, it had discovered a critical bug for devices running the Intel Atom processor, which froze the game following installation.

Obviously, this would have strongly impacted the game's commercial potential in China if it hadn't been discovered and fixed prior to launch.

Indeed, the majority of its claimed peak level of 8 million daily active players were Chinese.

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