AdColony's Thorbjörn Warin on best practices for video ads

Short and to the point

AdColony's Thorbjörn Warin on best practices for video ads

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015, Thorbjörn Warin, Director of Monetisation & Business Development in Europe at AdColony, gave a talk on the best practices for video ads.

AdColony's research found that 20-second long ads had the highest click through rates, while 30-second long ads had higher conversion rates.

Keep it quiet

Warin also pointed out that a lot of users will watch ads on mute, saying "if you have a voiceover it's a bit better, but it won't make or break your campaign."

However, they did find that "the videos that perform the best mix gameplay with custom animations", and so developers should include CGI in their ads to maximise their effect.

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