Making the most of global growth

Seven billion reasons to make games

Making the most of global growth

At Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015, George Osborn led a panel on global issues in mobile gaming, particularly focusing on how quickly the market has grown.

He was joined by Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, managing director of Ubisoft Pune; Narendra Bhandari, Director of Asia Pacific at Intel; and Misha Lyalin, CEO of ZeptoLab.

Big markets, small phones

Bhandari pointed out that since the market has expanded into developing countries, most users "are not exactly going to be carrying a high-end smartphones," so developers need to keep this in mind when making their games.

Lyalin was more optimistic about the growth, saying "the beautiful thing about developing markets is that they're getting big and fast," and stating that this allows for plenty of users on a local scale, so developers don't have to go global.

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